Lotus Temple


Lotus Temple

If you are planning to travel to Delhi then there is another destination other than the India Gate and the Red Fort which is one of Delhi’s main attractions and it is the Lotus Temple. The Lotus Temple in Delhi’s Nehru Place is a Bahá’í worship temple, where there is no idol or any type of worship is recited. People come here to experience peace and relaxation. Due to the shape of this temple made of lotus, it is called Lotus Temple. It was constructed in 1986. This is why it is said that the Taj Mahal of the 20th century.

For the people of India, the lotus flower is a symbol of sanctity and peace as well as a sign of God’s incarnation. As the flower teaches to be holy and clean despite blossoming in the mud, similarly the Kamal Mandir (Baha’i Puja Temple) situated in the Nehru Place of Delhi, Delhi is also a symbol of peace, love and unity.

Faribarja was the architect of Sahba Kamal Temple and this temple was built in expressive style. The length of this temple is 40 meters and its main entrance hall has 9 doors, which is 40 meters high. This temple has won many awards because of its design. Its building has a lotus flower-shaped petals in the shape of 3 and 9, 27 steep marble lotus flowers. This temple is surrounded by 9 ponds.

To attract tourists, the high-rise prayer hall, the white huge building and the green grasslands Here in 2003, the information center was opened for the jigasu, with the main auditorium in which 400 people could sit together. It has two small auditoriums with 70 seats. Inquiries are communicated to the visitors through media dissemination and publicity. In the Sun’s lalima, this marble building looks very beautiful in the morning and evening. The greenery surrounding it provides a quiet environment.

This temple is also known as Bahaiya Vishwa Mandir. It is made like lotus flowers. It is famous as the temple, but there is no god worshiped here. This temple believes in Lord’s presence instead of idol worship.

There is a wooden bench inside the temple which can be carefully focused by sitting on it.

You can use the metro to get here. After reaching Kalka Ji Metro Station from Nehru Place, you can reach here after walking in 5 minutes or by rickshaw. The temple opens in the summer season from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and in the winter there is open from 9 am in the morning to 5 p.m. in the evening. No entry fee is taken here.

It took more than a decade to build this temple. Kamal Mandir is composed of around 700 engineers, technicians, workers, and artists. The temple can come together at 2400 people at a time.

This temple is surrounded by about 40 meters long. The stone used in making this temple was procured from Greece. This temple has 27 stoneware petals, which is made in the shape of 3 and 9.

In the entrance hall, 9 doors have also been made, which is about 40 meters. The size of this temple is like a lotus flower because the lotus is considered a symbol of peace, love, and purity.

In the entrance hall, 9 doors have also been made, which is about 40 meters. The size of this temple is like a lotus flower because the lotus is considered a symbol of peace, love, and purity.

This temple is also called the temple of “Bahai Puja” because this temple illumines the glorious, peaceful and exquisite atmosphere, which will make any devout devotee spiritual form.

Not only this, people sit in the library of Kamal temple and read books of religion and also come to research them. The Kamal temple is surrounded by nine big reservoirs all around, which not only enhances its beauty but also contributes significantly to keeping the prayer naturally cool.

This temple provides information to visitors in media propaganda and audio channels. This marble building in white and white in the morning and evening looks amazing. Like lotus petals, all around the steep building.

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