Understanding ERCP in a crisp and concise manner


ERCP as the name suggests is a specialized procedure to study the gall bladder, bile ducts and pancreatic ducts.

Is there any preparation needed for ERCP?

Ideally you should be fasting for 6 hours and even overnight before being part of the procedure so that you have an empty stomach before the procedure. The doctor is going to provide you with precise instructions on how you can prepare. Discuss with your doctor about any medications you are consuming or any form of allergies you are having to medications or contravening interventions in the form of a dye. You can take help from biliary stent products suppliers as their outputs could turn out to be handy at this point of time.

The allergy is not going to prevent you from opting for an ERCP, discuss it with your doctor before you appear for the procedure as you might need specific allergic medications before the procedure. Clearly discuss with your doctor about the medicines you are taking including aspirin products or even insulin. Also inform your doctor if you are having lung or heart conditions that could have a major impact in your decision to opt for an endoscopy.

What can be expected during the course of the procedure?

The doctor is going to apply a local anaesthesia to your throat. In order to make you more comfortable sedatives will also be provided. In fact the doctor could even ask specialists to administer sedation if the process seems to be a lengthy and complex one. In case of certain patients they are given antibiotics before the procedure. On an x ray table you might be asked to lie down. Be aware as per biliary stent suppliers the instrument is not going to interfere with your breathing. A sensation of bloating could be felt as air might be introduced through the instrument.

This procedure is undertaken by skilled doctors who are experienced and skilled at this procedure. Though complications during the course of hospitalization can occur, but they are not that common. Side effects in the form of inflammation or bleeding can take place. Though some patients may suffer adverse effect to the sedative being used.

What can be expected after the procedure?

In case if you have opted for ERCP as an outpatient, an observation module is suggested for complications till most of the side effects are gone before you are being sent out home. You could be passing gas or suffer from bloating as air is introduced during the course of the examinations. Till the point you are instructed you can continue with your normal diet.

Someone would need to take home as you might be under the influence of sedatives used during the course of examinations. Though you could be alert after the procedure, the sedatives can have an impact on your reflexes or judgement after the course of an exam. As individual circumstances are bound to vary, it would be better to discuss with your doctor.

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